October Vegetables

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October can always be a barren time in the garden, unless you make sure that you've sown some later crops, and planned for some colour. The Dahlias out in the garden are going over, the ones in pots are still looking great.  When you've got limited space in the vegetable garden you really need to only grow what you need in any one season, rather than have a glut earlier on, but nothing later.

In between the rain I've been giving the grass a strim, tidying up the compost heaps, and putting some seaweed down on next years potato patch.  I didn't realiase until I saw a TV documentary this year that in Jersey the Jersey Royal Potato growers used to use ( and some still do)  seaweed as one of the main fertlisers for the soil !     I need to get some Garlic planted, as they really need a couple of months of cold weather before the main growing season.


Vegetables still growing in the garden, include :-

  • Parmex Carrots
  • Kale – Black Tuscan
  • Cabbage
  • Courgettes
  • Chili Peppers

Veggies picked, and still some left :-


Red and White Onions

Maris Peer Potatoes