Pumpkin Soup

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Never tried cooking with Pumpkin before, so thought I'd make up a recipe given what we had around.

1/2 sweet potato cut into chunks,  cup of pumpkin bits, small leek  diced,  chopped herbs ( thyme, sage leaf,  whole bay leaf), olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder.  Ingredients to feed 2 people.

Heat up the olive oil, and gently sautee the ingredients for 5 mins, including the curry powder.   Add good amount of black pepper, pinch of salt.  Just cover with water, and leave to simmer for 30 mins. Take out the bay leaf, then blitz all the ingredients with a hand blender.  Serve with crusty bread. De-li-cious !

The pumpkins we grew were a variety called Hundredweight, we didn't plant until around July, so a bit late, and also didn't do a brilliant job on preparing the soil. Neverthless we had two decent size pumpkins.  Next year will start the seeds earlier maybe, but definitely add a lot more organic matter to the soil.