Soggy November

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Been a windy and wet November so far.  Vegetable highlight is that the purple sprouting broccoli is coming into flower now.  Last year a handful of plants in a very small plot (  3 ft x 3 ft) provided us with a weekly crop of the delicious heads,  they're great steamed or stir fried into a Pasta dish with a creamy sauce.

The seeds germinated in early may 2010, and despite their name they seem to be a winter variety.

The Curly Kale, which I call Black Tuscan, but on the Suttons seed packet it says "Nero Di Toscana Precoce,  has been going for a couple of months now, and is still growing well.  We just pick off a handful of leaves, and steam as cabbage,  or chop up and stir into a Pasta dish – like our salmon pasta recipe.
Planted some broadbean seeds in october, and they're are all sprouted and looking good. Got the seeds from this years crop.  Have to confess to never haven eaten broadbeans before, and whilst they were young and tender I absolutely loved them – they were a great vegetable to have with our fish pie recipe.   Once they'd grown to full size though, they really weren't as nice, so next year I'll be picking them small.


Jobs for the month

Plant Garlic cloves, as they need a cold spell to do well.  I was late buying mine in, so I used up some of the cloves that we harvested earlier on this year.

Keep an eye out for caterpillars on the veg – I was out today, and had to look really closely but there were at least 10 waiting to be removed, plus some small snails inbetween the leaves.

Make sure any tall vegetable plants, like the sprouts and sprouting broccoli are staked well,  it's been really windy and a couple went over.

When it gets a bit drier I'll take out the Dahlia bulbs, let them dry, sprinkle on a bit of sulphur, then overwinter in a dry box insides.   We really liked the Dahlia collection at Trengwainton a couple of years ago,  last winter they apparently left them in the ground over winter, and the display this year wasn't as good in our opnnion.

Keep the weeds down – they're still trying to take over my plot.

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  1. Just handed my veg plot over – apart from the Jerusalem artichokes. Still sell around 6 bags a week at Country Market for Hospital.Ordered 2 x  330 ltr composters ( second one @ 1/2 price ) via C Council.Slugs get into greenhouse and are enjoying the warmth. Your broads look great – I shall miss growing them and runners. G

    • Hi Graham .. you want to get some raised beds in your main garden, that will be lot easier on the back 😉