Best Potato Quiz – First Early

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If you like growing your own potatoes,  then please fill in this survey  to help us compile our own best potato list.  

This is the first of three quizzes,  on early potatoes, to see what all you gardeners and cooks prefer.  Please select your top varieties from the form below ( you can pick more than one).  When you submit the form, you have the option to "view previous responses" to see the score to date !   If you can't find your variety, then please scroll down to the second early and maincrop sections, you'll need to submit each section separately.


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7 Responses

  1. john kerry

    cannot decide between maris bard&lady christl,for earlies.

  2. I'm glad we can vote for more than one variety as I couldn't decide on only one of each, hope you get plenty of responses so that you can get a fair view of the overall best.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for voting. We’ve had more views on the gardeners click site than here, but hopefully by the weekend they will be enough in for an update.

  3. george duxbury

    great to to have a choice.  so many types,i just stay whit the same ones.

  4. We find Pentland crown are one of the best for our allotment but have a job to get them from where we live in n/e lincolnshire i never new there where so many types of potatoe

  5. bought a bag of baking potato's a week's ago , they where called sapphire  , the nicest jacket potato i have ever tasted  , but  have not seen  the seed potato's for sale anywhere  ,would love to grow some of these