Paprika Chicken

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Without fail this recipe produces the most tender and tastiest chicken breasts we've ever had, this is one for the kids & students 😉

Ingredients: For each person 1 skinless chicken breast ( Lidls do 4 in a pack, not frozen, that are ideal).  Oven chips, salad, paprika powder from the spice section, olive oil, 1 x garlic clove

Put the chicken breasts in a bowl, cover with cold water, and put about 10 teaspoons of salt in ( thats right, loads of salt), make sure the salt is all dissolved, then put in the frige for at least 1 hour.  This is key to making the chicken tender whilst it's cooking, it's called brining.

After the hour take out the chicken, and rinse REALLY well with cold water to get rid of the excess salt.  Empty the water out of the bowl.  Pat dry the chicken breasts with kitchen roll  to get rid of the excess water, and put back in the bowl.

Chop up a couple of garlic cloves finely.

Pour a small amount of  olive oil over the chicken breasts, and add the garlic, rub in well.  Sprinkle over the red paprika powder so both sides are coated,  some ground black pepper if you have it, and rub it all in well  ( messy hands !).  Wash your hands well, put the bowl back in the fridge for 15 mins.

After 15 mins heat up the oven to 180c, with a baking tray in the top.  

Get the chicken out of the fridge, and stir it around in the bowl, making sure they are all coated with the oil, paprika and garlic on both sides.

When it reaches 180 put your oven chips onto the tray, and if there's room put the chicken breasts on as well, otherwise put the chicken breasts onto a separate tray.  ( if you put them all together, then at the end you can stir the chips around in the tray and they pick up the paprika and garlic oil as well ).

Cook on 180 for around 25 mins, until the chips are done. Half way through the cooking turn the chicken breasts upside down, and stir it all around so the chips get coated in the oil and paprika as well.   Serve with a side sald & some french or honey mustard dressing on the salad, and bit on the chips if you like.    You could also have some garlic bread as well – if you do just put in the oven with 10- 15minutes to go.