Eden Project September 2011

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We've not been to the Eden Project, near St Austell in Cornwall, since last year, so when we had the opportunity this week we of course jumped at it !

If you've never been before then all I can say is, if you're into gardening you need to ! ( just don't go in peak season ).

The last week in September provided great weather, and whilst a lot of the summer flowers were going over, a lot of plants were still looking great, especially the vegetables.  The main picture we've picked shows just how good looking a veg plot can be.

Inside, the biomes were as good as ever, year on year the plants are becoming more established and there is a true jungle feel about the place.

They've changed the way that they serve food in the main cafe, since the floods earlier in the year.  It's a serve yourself, and "honesty" pay scheme – which we both thought was open to abuse, but according to inside sources revenue is not down from previous years.  The day we went there was a baking demonstration, which was absolutely amazing.

One “interesting” plant inside the tropical biome was a Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum)  the largest flower in the world, however when we got there the flowering was all over, but there was a very large stem with the red fruit on. Given that the smell when in flower resembles that of rotting flesh, it’s maybe a good thing the flowering was over.

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