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This is my reminder list of what to sow on our Cornwall garden, and hopefully grow over the autumn of 2012 into next years season.  I let the garden slip a bit from June until September, not helped by the wet weather, also I slipped on the labelling so I'm not sure of all of the varieties. Anyway, back on track now so here's what did well last year, and what I've bought in the sales.

I've just been out and bought some timber in the B&Q sales, to put round the plots, it makes weeding soo much easier, I'm going put the black fabric around those, and mostprobably cover with gravel or forest bark, as half of the problem this year has been trying to keep the grass and weeds from spreading into the plots. Work in progress but here's the plot as it looks end of September.

What we grew  in 2012

  • Wilja Potato – second early – did well last year, very tasty. I also grew some first earlys that did well, and a maincrop that was poor ( think it was too wet) – they were small red oval shaped, incredibly tasty salad variety, but not enough.
  • Hispi Cabbage – Done really well all year round, got some more seed. Between the hispi and kale we've been in home grown green every single weekend of the year.
  • Coriander – for leaves – This has just run out ( end of September) and I'm devestated, home made curries won't be the same. some of the plants were self seeded, and I was delighted to be picking coriander in February this year !
  • Curly Kale – Nero Di Toscana Precoce ( suttons) – thin leaved dark kale, been eating it all year round. Just got a few tatty plants left, which the caterpillars are munching on ( no where near as many caterpillars as previous years). Again just planted out new seedlings today.
  • Dward Frenchl Bean – Maxi – started them a bit late, but a small row of plants kept us with beans once a week for a month. Got some more in, about 4" high. Wendy says they're not as tasty as the ones we grew last year .. but I didn't keep the label
  • Onion sets – white and red. Planted them early on this year, harvested them before the wet summer set in, and they're keeping really well in a sack. We haven't had to buy onions for 3 months now.
  • Garlic – unnamed set, not looking to good at the moment. Last years did really well, and have kept for over a year !
  • Oregano – grew from seed, but to be honest don't use that much and they really do take over the herb garden. Don't think I'll grow again.
  • Sprouting Summer Broccoli – Weren't as happy as last years, but still had some nice meals out of them.
  • Maro – mushy pea – Just grew a small plot ( 1m x 1m), but got a large jar of peas for storing.
  • Broad Beans ( the sutton) – grew from last years saved seeds, again just a small 1m plot, but enjoyed for at least 2 months. Great with Fish pie, and sunday roast ( well nut roast in my case).
  • Lettuce – small plot, average.
  • Rocket – Wild – enjoyed, but went to seed really quick.
  • Statice – grew these flowers from seed in 2011 in the veg patch, got some nice bunches of flowers that dried well. Left in the ground over winter, and they flowered again this year.  Ugly foliage though.


Here's the current plan for September 2012 onwards. I started my seed collection last week in the 50p sales down at the garden centre 😉

  • Carrot Parmex – these are small round carrots, ideal in our stony soil. Didn't grow any this year, will definitely do some 2013.
  • Potatoes – will do Wilja again, I may try the blight resistant maincrop this time, and for sure need a tasty salad variety.
  • Leek – Bought some seedlings last summer, and got a decent crop winter / spring last year. Going to grow my own early 2013. Need to get some seeds in ( note to self).
  • Mixed Gourds – make great ornamenets, for some snake and swan gourds in the sale.
  • Sprouts – Grew F1 Brigitte in 2011, and the plants weren't big ( poor soil I think), but we had sprouts for Xmas. Missed out this year, so got to do next
  • Sprouting Broccoli – planted out today !
  • Broad beans
  • Courgette F1 Buckingham ( yellow)  – didn't grow any this year, will just do a couple of plants. We really enjoy these as roasted vegetables, in a tray with potato wedges, red pepper, onion, and sea bass fillets all covered in olive oil and a bit of paprika.
  • Cabbage Winter Jewel F1 – Not tried these before, but sowed the seeds today.
  • Cabbage Hispi – Had to get another packet, will start off early next year I think
  • Carrot – Nantes Frubund – says you can sow in autumn and grow in spring. So these will go in this weekend.
  • Parsnip F1 Gladiator – Will sow in Feb 2013.
  • Leek Atal – Baby leek – looks interesting, will try
  • Broccoli Claret F1 – Says to sow in May
  • Lettuce Winter Gem – sowed last week.
  • Lettuce salad leaves mixed ( T&M) – sowed last week, maybe a bit late, but hopefully should get a crop in.
  • Dwarf french bean speedy ( suttons) – Will sow next year, think I'll get another variety in as well.
  • Tomato Ruby F1 hybrid – not tried before.
  • Coriander ( seedlings transplanted today)
  • Garlic – need to get some in, and ready for planting winter, as apparently they like a cold snap.
  • Shallots – need to get some small shallots in for pickling.
  • Red and white onion – will get some sets in when I see them.


Hmmm . now how am I going to find the space for all of that lot. Better get the shovel out and expand the veg plot again. I'll do another blog in a week or so on the flowers. 

Picture of our Cornwall Garden Veg Plot in September 2012

View of the veg plot, overlooking the sea at Mousehole, Cornwall

Our Cornwall Garden cabbage patch, planted out late September 2012

Cabbage patch, just planted out late September ( well cabbage plus some coriander)

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