Garden Mums

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We always have a great display of a potted Garden Mum,  or hardy Chrysanthemum if you prefer. This year was no exception, and come mid October this was the display from a small pot, that we’d overwintered from last year outside.

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We just planted 4 plants into a 12″ pot, keep well watered and fed.  They do dry out easily and wilt, so I would use quite a deep pot if possible with a tray on the bottom to  hold the water.  Once flowered, we cut the stems back to a few inches above soil level and leave outside for the winter.  The one’s we’ve grown only seem to last a few years before rot sets in, so plan accordingly.


Double flowered hardy mums

A selection of double flowered Hardy Mums that will flower well into the autumn (October). These varieties have been selected for their hardiness and multi-flowering ability.

Colour Red, Pink, Yellow and White   Height 50-60cm   Spread Approximately 30cm   Flowering August to October   Planting Position Full sun to partial shade   Sold As Jumbo Ready   Despatch Period End of May to June. Click on picture to view pricing at Jersey Plants

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