Start to the season 2014

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Afternoon all, after long time of no updates back on line for the year ahead. So, spent a good 3 hours in the garden yesterday hopefully a good start to the year.  Noticed that the tiny plot ( 1m x 1m) that I planted my parsnips in last year, and start to show parsnip tops growing,  I knew there were some in .. but pulled out another 15 good sized roots, so very happy with that.

Once I”d freshened up the soil with a bit of poultry manure ( all I had left ),  I put in some garlic cloves.  I think I may have left them a bit late, because I have read that they like a cold snap to get going.  However, we’ve not really had a cold snap for several months, so hopefully they will grow.   When I grew garlic a couple of years ago, I made sure that the bulbs were really dried out when I picked them, and they lasted for around 3 months over the winter.

We also keep a lot of lillies in pots, and I like to freshen those up as well with some new compost. I just tip them out of pots, and prise off the top inch of grass and weeds that end up accumlating. Also, it’s a good chance to make sure that no bugs are in the soil – I believe that Lilly beetles  lay their larva, and that they can really damage the bulbs .. so if you find any, pick them off and dispose of.  They always seem to thrive, no matter how much they are neglected, and you get the bonus of free baby bulbs in the pots that you can grow on.

The last thing I did was to split a day lilly I had in a pot, again it was just starting to shoot, so hopefully it will survive the experience and give me 2 plans for the price of one.

In the garden, the daffs have just started to come out, the rosemary is in flower but otherwise a bit dull.

Heres looking forward to a great 2014 in the garden, and sharing our tips and experiences with you all.

regards Simon and Wendy

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