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We made the garden 2 years ago, on a very rock laden hill, it took 2 weekends to dig out just one small growing patch, so it’s been really good exercise to get it where it is now. Last year I would say that we didn’t need to buy any vegetables from around May to October, and we manage to find something from the garden for at least 1 meal a week at any time of the year.

We also have a passion for cooking, so at least half the site is given over to recipes that we cook on a regular basis, and wherever possible we’ll try to use seasonal produce from the garden.

As with all sites, it’s work in progress,  I know some of the photos in the recipes look a bit lame 😉  Its not until you see them that you realise, ah there’s a cip in that bowl,  a splash of sauce somewhere else. We’ll try and improve those pictures.

regards Simon & Wendy