Which potato

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Now is the time of year to be deciding what Potatoes to get in for planting. This will be the  third year we've grown our own spuds, so I thought I'd share my thoughts to date, and what I'm planning … Continued

Chicken Curry

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This is a great curry in a creamy sauce, made with fresh ginger, garlic and creme fraiche.  No instant sauces or mixes are used !, so treat yourself to an authentic curry. Ingredients for 2-3: Garlic, ginger root, black pepper, … Continued

Thai Fish Curry

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Thai Red Curry with Fish .. Everyone that has tried this loves it,  at the right time of year 4 of the ingredients come from the garden. You will need the following, all of which are easily sourced from most … Continued

Freezing December

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Gave up in the garden and went to the two bridges hotel in Dartmoor for Xmas, it's been the coldest December I can remember in Cornwall, but the plants are surprisingly hanging on in there.  The other day still managed … Continued

Fish Pie Recipe

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Amazing fish pie ! Ingredients for 2-3 people: Small salmon fillet, small white fish fillet, bit of smoked mackeral,  500ml king prawns, milk, cloves, butter/marg, potatoes, bay leaf, onion, grated cheese, hardinto boiled egg. Peel 1/2 an onion, stud with … Continued

Soggy November

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Been a windy and wet November so far.  Vegetable highlight is that the purple sprouting broccoli is coming into flower now.  Last year a handful of plants in a very small plot (  3 ft x 3 ft) provided us … Continued

Halloween Winds

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October 31st.  Woke up to a shock ! – Last night the winds uprooted my plastic greenhouse.  The day before the guy rope had broken, but I had the base screwed down into breeze blocks so I'd (fatefully) guessed it … Continued

foccacia bread recipe

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  For the purists out there, maybe this isn't proper Focaccia bread,  but I tell you what it is absolutely delicious.  It's taken some time to get the cooking right, but I get brilliant results every time now.   As with … Continued

October Vegetables

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October can always be a barren time in the garden, unless you make sure that you've sown some later crops, and planned for some colour. The Dahlias out in the garden are going over, the ones in pots are still … Continued

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