Let us know what books & catalogues you recommend on Gardening, and cooking.   I include catalogues here because in the depths of winter it's really good to browse through the various seed catalogues and see what varieties you'd like to grow next year.


One of my favourites that I keep going back to is a Readers digest book. It has really good instructions on how to cultivate all sorts of vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as some recipes and useful preserving information.  It was first published in 1977
A couple of years ago I thought it would be a good idea to keep a gardening journal, I saw this book and bought it.  It's basically a page per week for you to write things in,  with seasonal hints and tips included. Its great to compare a couple of years of activities, and remember what you sowed, how it did, what varieties worked well.  I just wished I'd written down more.   Really recommended !