Eden Project September 2011

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We’ve not been to the Eden Project, near St Austell in Cornwall, since last year, so when we had the opportunity this week we of course jumped at it !
If you’ve never been before then all I can say is, if you’re into gardening you need to ! ( just don’t go in peak season ).

National Dahlia Collection

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I’ve lived in Cornwall for the last 10 years, and it wasn’t until last year that I found out that I’ve been driving past the National Dahlia collection virtually every day !

Trailing Petunias

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Trailing Petunias are guaranteed to make an amazing display every year. As long as you feed them regularly you can have a display from June until October

Companion Planting

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By carefully choosing which plants to put together, you can provide natural protection and boost the growth of your plants without recourse to chemicals, this article gives an introduction to companion planting.

Peas Part 1

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  Peas are one of our truly historic vegetables, and have been found as far back as the bronze age. Everyone should find some space to grow at least a row or cirle of Peas, nothing can beat the taste … Continued

Best Potato Quiz – First Early

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If you like growing your own potatoes,  then please fill in this survey  to help us compile our own best potato list.   This is the first of three quizzes,  on early potatoes, to see what all you gardeners and … Continued

Which potato

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Now is the time of year to be deciding what Potatoes to get in for planting. This will be the  third year we've grown our own spuds, so I thought I'd share my thoughts to date, and what I'm planning … Continued

Freezing December

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Gave up in the garden and went to the two bridges hotel in Dartmoor for Xmas, it's been the coldest December I can remember in Cornwall, but the plants are surprisingly hanging on in there.  The other day still managed … Continued

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