Sweet Potato Tart

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A tasty and easy to prepare recipe of shortcrust pastry based lined with red onion, sweet potato, spinach, and cheddar cheese topped with stilton. Serve with French fries and a salad.

Paprika Chicken

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Without fail this recipe produces the most tender and tastiest chicken breasts we've ever had, this is one for the kids & students 😉 Ingredients: For each person 1 skinless chicken breast ( Lidls do 4 in a pack, not … Continued

Chicken Curry

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This is a great curry in a creamy sauce, made with fresh ginger, garlic and creme fraiche.  No instant sauces or mixes are used !, so treat yourself to an authentic curry. Ingredients for 2-3: Garlic, ginger root, black pepper, … Continued

Thai Fish Curry

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Thai Red Curry with Fish .. Everyone that has tried this loves it,  at the right time of year 4 of the ingredients come from the garden. You will need the following, all of which are easily sourced from most … Continued

Fish Pie Recipe

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Amazing fish pie ! Ingredients for 2-3 people: Small salmon fillet, small white fish fillet, bit of smoked mackeral,  500ml king prawns, milk, cloves, butter/marg, potatoes, bay leaf, onion, grated cheese, hardinto boiled egg. Peel 1/2 an onion, stud with … Continued

foccacia bread recipe

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  For the purists out there, maybe this isn't proper Focaccia bread,  but I tell you what it is absolutely delicious.  It's taken some time to get the cooking right, but I get brilliant results every time now.   As with … Continued

Salmon Pasta

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Salmon Pasta This italian food recipe is really easy to cook, and very tasty. For 2 people, ingredients: Small Salmon Fillet; Single Cream; Tagliatelle Pasta; Garlic;  1/2  Red pepper sliced, white wine, mushrooms, red chili choped into small pieces.  Out … Continued