Carrots – Parmex
Stump rooted carrot, does really well in stony soil. Thinned out May, eating by August, kept all through the winter, but starting to go brown in parts.  Really really tasty !

Red Onion – North Holland Blood Red
Seeds sown 14th Feb 2010. Did really well, and kept through to November.

Onion – Brown Pickling
Seeds sown 14th Feb 2010

Sprouts – F1 Brigitte
Seeds sown 14th Feb 2010. Planted out 4th April.  Comments as of October 2010 : Not really grown that well, jury out for Xmas sprouts. Update – they were tasty, and we had sprouts for Xmas.  I think the soil needed better preparation.

 Parsnip – White Gem
Sowed seeds May 4 2010.   Thinned out September, should have done sooner.  Didn't really grow big enough.   Have read that Parsnip seeds only good for 1 year, so will be interested to see if a re-sowing next year germinates 😉

Foliage went rusty end of June, after 2 weeks of really hot weather, not quite ready for picking.   However when they were picked they were small, but tasty and kept really well.